About our Delivery Services

Delivery Services

We deliver where you want, on schedule.

PC Delivers!

PC Lumber & Hardware offers convenient and cost-effective delivery of the materials you need, regardless of size. We load and deliver directly to your jobsite or home.
PC Home Delivery Truck

PC Loads

Time and cost savings add up with the PC team loading your order. There's no longer a need to haul a cart through a store, load your materials onto a check-out stand, and then load them back up into your vehicle. PC does all that for you for a reasonable rate.

PC has you covered

Our dedicated fleet of company-owned trucks deliver to the Louisville Metro area, as well as many surrounding counties.
PC Home Delivery Box Truck

We are here
for you!

You can reach out to our store via phone at 812-246-4485 or visit our Sellersburg location at 150 Hunter Station Road.